1. Make sure water tank cover is totally tight on the top edge of the tank with no tears in the mesh or open places from the outside into the water. Watch out for anything compromising the seal of the cover to the tank top edge. You may need to redo the overflow system or incoming water supply.

2. If in doubt about the tank cover sealing to the top edge put a 1/8″ aircraft cable around the cover to the tank and tighten it to the body of the tank with turnbuckles. You will need a tank level indicator to see the water level if the tank.

3. Make sure there is a screen between the roof gutters and tank (we supply debris screens which work well, we have a few different models and a range of costs).

4. Put a stainless steel or noncorrosive screen over the overflow pipe exit so slugs can’t crawl back up the pipe.

5. Clear all trees, plants and debris from 5+ feet away from the tank to discourage rodents and slugs from around the tank. Place slug bait in a waterproof bird/cat/dog-proof container in the area around the tank and around your house.

6. Filter water to one micron as that will filter out the larvae stage. The RLW larvae will be totally removed at one micron and almost all other parasites and bacteria are larger than one micron. We recommend and supply filter systems with 25 micron, 5 micron and 1 micron filters in a row in the high quality dual O-ring big blue housings.

7. Grow food in raised bed gardens with a copper metal top edge as slugs can’t cross copper and wash all veg super well.

In summary: ensure the water from the roof is screened before the tank, the top of the tank is sealed to the tank and the overflow and all piping is not a possible access to the water. Filter all water to one micron and UV is a good idea, especially if the water is from something besides the roof or a good well.

Any questions?

Chris Baz
Eco Products Maui

Also see CTAHR’s  Guidelines on Rainwater Catchment in Hawaii by Patricia S. Macomber for more detailed information.

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