“We all should consider that a good portion of rats, slugs and snails in Hawaii are likely infected. It’s important to inspect, wash and store all produce carefully, and reduce or prevent snails/slugs from entering gardens by using raised beds, copper tape and poison control,” Dela Cruz said. “Like many health issues, prevention is key.”


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  • DeWolfe Miller

    The most significant and important measure to prevent rat lungworm infection is to THOROUGHLY WASH AND INSPECT ALL PRODUCE WITH CLEAN POTABLE WATER. This is the job for adults. This is the public health policy message from the Governor’s / DOH Rat Lunworm Task Force. If this is done correctly, local produce will be safe to eat.

    Thoroughly washing kale (any of the three types) completely free of snails can be difficult and considerable care must be taken. Consider substituting other leafy produce.

    This message must be widely disseminated in Hana to all locals, to all those who are preparing and selling produce, and to their many guests and tourists.

    Parents and Teachers should teach children not to put anything in their mouth from their gardens and yards.

    Support your local farmers.

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