Our community Farmers and Growers are also our ‘Ohana.

Farmers have conscientiously been active in a role of learning, educating and designing specific methods of vector control and prevention. East Maui has always an abundance of diverse, delicious, nutritious fresh food. Our growers continue the cultural tradition of sharing that bounty and cultivating methods locally-reliant,  food security and sovereignty. We take pride in knowing the source of our fresh food with less dependency on box store imports. We need to build confidence in the safety of our food through the active engagement of our farmers and education of our community.

Through the Hana Chapter of the Hawaii Farmers Union United, we’re working in partnership with the state Department of Ag and CTAHR on Maui to assist farmers with vector control for rat lungworm.

We are doing a series of farm visits in different areas, starting on Tuesday, August 22 at farms in the Kaeleku and Ulaino Road area. We’re providing vector control supplies including different types of rat traps, slug bait, salt, gloves, tongs, bottles, etc. And we’re working with farmers with a vector control checklist, to identify habitats, share best practices, try out different methods, and learn together how to control rats and slugs to keep our local food safe.

Our priority initially is to work with produce growers, but we also want to support home gardeners and anyone else who wants to control rats and slugs on their property.

If you’re interested in having a farm visit from our support team, and receive vector control supplies, please contact our coordinators.